Hawaii Strategic Development Corporation

Hawaii Strategic Development Corporation is a State agency created to promote economic development and diversification in conjunction with private enterprise to develop a healthy venture capital industry in Hawaii.


The CEROS Program was created under an initial $5 million grant provided by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in 1993. CEROS seeks to advance innovative concepts and new approaches to technology while fully leveraging existing facilities and infrastructure in Hawaii and demonstrating beneficial commercial utility for the Department of Defense (DoD). CEROS is a State of Hawaii agency administratively attached to the Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism. CEROS solicits and supports innovative technologies for national maritime military applications and sustained technology-based economic development in Hawai'i through annual competitive Solicitations. Since 1993, CEROS has funded 256 technical projects for over $100 million. The CEROS program has supported the creation of 135 technology-based jobs in Hawaii. CEROS' mission is to support the Department of Defense technology requirements; encourage leading edge in ocean sciences and technology in Hawaii; foster use of ocean research and development facilities in Hawaii; provide an interface between specialized small businesses with expertise in ocean related research and development and DoD users of advanced technology; and develop avenues to ocean science expertise and facilities at the University of Hawaii (UH).


HVCA is a private, non-profit organization whose mission is to assist in developing the infrastructure of service providers necessary to support Hawaii's entrepreneurs. The Association  fosters entrepreneurial development through networking, education and providing access to venture capital.

Wayne Brown Investors Choice

Wayne Brown Investors Choice is a long established equity capital conference that holds an annual meeting in Maui. This offers Hawaii and out of state investors the opportunity to view high potential technology companies from Hawaii. This conference also gives Hawaii technology companies the opportunity to be mentored in presenting their companies for funding.

Hawaii SBIR

Hawaii SBIR encourages Hawaii companies to participate in Federal SBIR Program, enhances competitiveness of Hawaii companies for Phase II awards, and increases potential for full commercial development of Hawaii innovation.


In 2001, Hawaii won designation as an EPSCoR state. Funding from this program is to be used to develop science and technology infrastructure to support economic growth in the State of Hawaii.


ONR sponsors science  and technology in support of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. Founded in 1946, ONR today funds work at more than 450 universities, laboratories, and other organizations, throughout the Nation.


HiBEAM provides expert professional advice to selected startups at critical stages of development. Selected companies have access to mentors in the areas of management/leadership, law, marketing/public relations, commercial banking, risk management, accounting, and venture capital funding.

Hawaii Angels

Hawaii Angels was founded as UH Angels by Robert Robinson Ph.D., in February 2002.  It attracted high net worth individuals from a variety of professions including chief executives, attorneys, physicians, and scientists, who shares an enthusiasm for entrepreneurship.  In September 2006, it was incorporated as a non-profit and changed its name to Hawaii Angels.  The number of members has grown to nearly 100.  Maui and Big Island chapters were founded in 2006.


ATP provides early stage funding for the purpose of accelerating development of innovative technologies that promise significant commercial payoffs and widespread benefit for the nation.


ARC is a new program created by University Connections to stimulate industry-university cooperative research in Hawaii.   ARC helps UH scientists and locally based companies work together more closely on R&D projects with commercial potential.  ARC grant proposals must be jointly developed and submitted by UH scientists and a Sponsor Company headquartered or with substantial operations in Hawaii.


FREE Pac is a Hawaii renewable energy and sustainability-oriented foundation. FREE Pac provides cost-share financing for federal, state or privately funded renewable energy projects, which offer long-term benefits to Hawaii.

Deal Engine Hawaii

Deal Engine Hawaii brings together entrepreneurs, angel investors, mentors, and service providers seeking a relevant forum for for exchange, together in one central venue in an effort to facilitate business interaction to fuel business growth to improve Hawaii's econimic landscape.


HTDV is a project of the Pacific International Center For High Technology Research (PICHTR) and funded by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) that utilizes the capabilities of Hawaii-based small businesses in performing high technology efforts related to current and future Department of Navy and Department of Defense programs. HTDV will create a Pacific regional center for commercialization of defense and homeland security technologies that would benefit small companies in Hawaii. The results of the effort will be a stronger technology base in Hawaii to meet technology requirements of the Department of Navy and Department of Defense.